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  • CD “Triplets” – Coming Soon!

    The trio CD “Triplets”  ( Francesca Tandoi piano/vocals, Amedeo Ariano drums Luca Bulgarelli dbass) produced by Albore Records  is gonna be available .

  • Recording a new CD in Trio

    Recording a new live CD in trio (Frits Landesbergen  drums, Frans van Geest dbass) on may 29th at Theatre Walhalla, Rotterdam (NL) ! Get your ticket and be part of it ! http://www.

  • New CD with Scott Hamilton Quartet

    Recording  a new CD with Scott Hamilton quartet ( Scott Hamilton ten.sax, Francesca Tandoi piano/vocals, Frits Landesbergen drums, Hans Mantel dbass ) produced by OAP records  ht.



Netherlands-based Italian jazz pianist and singer Francesca Tandoi has been hailed by critics and peers as a rising jazz star and one of the most enthralling young talents on the European jazz scene.

She moved to the Netherlands in 2009 to study jazz piano and singing at the prestigious Royal Conservatory of The Hague, graduating cum laude and with a special mention from the committee in 2013. She earned her master’s degree from Codarts in Rotterdam in 2015.

In just a few short years, she has earned international acclaim as a world-class pianist and vocalist. She has performed with some of the finest Dutch and international jazz musicians. She has toured, performed, and taught at some of the most noteworthy theatres, jazz festivals, and clubs around the world.

Tandoi’s worldwide appearances include the Cork Jazz Festival (Ireland), the North Sea Jazz Festival (Rotterdam), the Breda Jazz Festival, the Amersfoort Jazz Festival, the Bosendorfer Jazz Gala, De Oosterpoort (Groningen), the Amsterdam Arena, Music Village (Brussels), Jazztone, Jazz Inn (Germany), the Chorus Jazz Club, Ascona Jazz Winter (Switzerland), the JazzIt Festival, Jazz on Air, the Lucca Jazz Donna (Italy), the Theatre on the Square Jazz Festival (Johannesburg), Jazz for KLM’s 90th Anniversary (India), the Sumatra Jazz Festival (Indonesia), Hakuju Concert Hall (Tokyo), the Osaka Municipal Art Museum, Hyogo Performing Arts Center (Osaka), Washington University in St. Louis (Missouri, USA), Trumpets (New Jersey, USA), and Luca’s Jazz Corner (New York), among others.

Tandoi’s concerts have been warmly received by audiences and the press. Her stage
presence is praised time and again as an explosion of swing, strong and sophisticated. Jazz journalist David Alston of South Africa said, “She has a flawless technique and the ability to swing like the clappers. The audience is simply knocked out by her playing.”

“Francesca Tandoi has truly impressive piano skills,” raved Dutch magazine JazzFlits. “She literally flies over the keyboard. And she’s blessed with a beautiful singing voice full of warmth and sensuality.”

In addition to calling her singing ballads “exemplary, actually unforgettable,” jazz journalist Massimo Tarabelli (Ancona Jazz) places her among the greats: “How many of the world’s young pianists resonate with the greatest virtuoso swinging jazz pianists—Oscar Peterson, Monty Alexander, Gene Harris, Phineas Newborn? Not many. How many of those are women? Very, very few. How many of those are Italian? Probably none. It’s incredible but true that such a person exists, and her name is Francesca Tandoi. She’s a brilliant, superior, and very rare talent.”

Tandoi’s debut album “For Elvira” (2014) featured her “European trio,” including world-class drummer Frits Landesbergen and bassist Frans van Geest.
Produced by Japanese label Atelier Sawano, “For Elvira” met enormous success Asia, particularly in Japan. The album release took place at the Hyogo Performing Arts Center in Osaka. For the European release, Tandoi toured the Porgy and Bess Jazz Club, the Bussum Jazz Festival, the Late Summer Jazz Festival, the Meer Jazz Festival, and the Laren Jazz Festival in the Netherlands. The album was also aired on radio stations around the world.

Well-known pianists Monty Alexander and Tamir Hendelman, two of Tandoi’s personal heroes, were positively carried away by her debut album.
Alexander said, “Francesca Tandoi is a supremely tasteful swinging piano player. Her vocals are exquisite, her compositions are melodic and memorable, and her arrangements are extremely thoughtful.”

Hendelman beamed, “When I hear Francesca’s piano, I smile, enjoying the beauty of her tone, her sense of harmony, and her love of swing. Listen to her twist ‘In a Mellow Tone’ into surprising places in her gorgeous ‘For Elvira.’ She plays and sings in a lyrical invitation for us to enter her musical world.”

Tandoi followed with two more albums, “Something Blue” (2015) and “Wind Dance” (2016), with the same trio and record label.

Japanese magazine “Jazz Life” characterized her in 2016 as “one of the biggest young talents of the European jazz scene,” naming her album “Wind Dance” as among the ten best jazz albums of that year.

In 2016, Tandoi recorded the album “Triple Treat” in a unique trio setting with singer Leah Kline and legendary saxophonist Scott Hamilton. The album was hailed by Musicworld in the Netherlands as “one of the best jazz albums of 2016.” The Dutch magazine Jazzenzo wrote, “Hamilton’s sweet-voiced sounds make good, and the accompaniment of Tandoi is exemplary.”

Jazz journalist and historian Scott Yanow wrote, “The unique trio of Scott Hamilton, Leah Kline and Francesca Tandoi proves to be a very complete group filled with musical bravery and talent. Francesca Tandoi’s beautiful swinging solo and superior skills as an accompanist are very much in evidence throughout this intimate set.”

Tandoi recorded “Triplets” in 2017 in trio with Amedeo Ariano and Luca Bulgarelli, one of the finest jazz rhythm sections in Italy and Europe. The album is produced by Japanise label Albore Jazz and it is scheduled for release in 2018.

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